March School Lunches and Kid Food

April 5, 2017

Hi all! Sorry I'm late if this post. But here are Little A's school lunches plus other kids meals for the month of March. 

Gardein Chick'n fingers with organic ketchup. Apples, olives and a dark chocolate heart. 

Gardein Chick'n patty, apples, a smoothie, garlic srudfed olives and graham cookies. 

Same as the post before but with dried mango instead of a smoothie. 

Gardein chick'n patty, romaine lettuce, apples and black olives. 

Gardein chick'n patty, apples, pita chips and carrots with Kite Hill cream cheese. 

Baked sprouted tofu and hummus on organic Italian bread, hummus with cucumbers, cantaloupe, pita chips and an apple and banana squeeze applesauce. 

Same sandwich on organic whole grain bread, carrots, apples, garlic stuffed olives and SuperSnack organic granola bites. 

Brown rice and black beans, olives, grain free tortilla chips, apples and carrots. 

Hummus and baked sprouted tofu on organic Italian bread, garlic stuffed olives, appleand banana squeeze sauce, graham cookies and apples.  

Same sandwich on organic whole grain bread, oranges, carrots, apples and a vegan cookie (St. Patrick's day lunch). 

Sipping a green smoothie!

Making fresh orange juice. 

Gluten free pasta and peas, organic pretzels with hummus, apples, pepper slices and a vegan grain free cookie. 

Vegan organic noodle soup, apples, olives and a Made Good granola bar. 

Organic sprouted tofu and hummus on an organic ciabatta roll, black olives, apples, lettuce and a Made Good granola bar. 

Little S' lunch one day: a Dr. Praegars sweet potato patty, Simple Mills grain free crackers, wild blueberries, celery and a Once Upon a Farm squeeze smoothie. 

Organic sprouted tofu on an organic ciabatta roll, a banana, apples and a Made Good granola bar. 

Same sandwich, apples and organic animal cookies. 

Tofu stuffed raviolis with sauce, celery with hummus, apples and a Square Bar. 

Same raviolis, celery with hummus, apples and grain free tortilla chips. 

Same raviolis, apples, a Made Good granola bar and carrots with hummus. 

Same raviolis (a box lasted almost a week), carrots with hummus, apples and veggie straws. 

Finally, this is what the leprechaun left when he escaped her trap. The cookies are vegan from Papa Ganache bakery. 


More kid food next month!

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