Weekend Eats: Homemade meals, Store Bought Goodies and Papa Ganache!

March 6, 2017

Hi all! I hope you have a lovely weekend! The weather was frigid here so we laid low and ate good food. 


This was escarole and bean soup that T made. I like lots of nutritional yeast and crushed red pepper on mine!


Coconut milk green tea latte I got to warm up with at Whole Foods. 


Little A enjoying a vegan butterfly cookie from Papa Ganache vegan bakery. 


Quinoa pasta with broccoli rabe, potatoes and olives. Yum!


Some finds at another Whole Foods: kombucha black label (has a tiny bit of alcohol) and some Primal Chocolate goodies!


Vegan gluten free donut and chocolate chip cookie from Papa Ganache. 


Nourishing smoothie of wild blueberries, bananas, New Barn almond milk, Sunwarrior Protein, barley grass juice powder, chia seeds and romaine lettuce. 

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