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March 10, 2017

Hi! I hope you all had a nice week! I wanted to share with you my latest passion. About 6 months ago, I discovered an amazing company through my friend Tami. She introduced me to the gorgeous products that Neal's Yard Remedies sell. I had been lusting over everything for awhile, attending all of her online parties, making a wish list and then it happened... In February, they had a promotion for $80 to become a consultant. For the $80, you received over $400 worth of products and business tools. This was my sign! I jumped in and joined!


I was going back and forth in my head about whether I would pursue selling, or if I would sign up for the sign up deal and discount on products. But once I started learning more and more about the company, and used their most amazing top of the line products, I made the decision to pursue selling.


Let me give you some background on Neal's Yard Remedies so you can see why I was so passionate to take this on..


Neal's Yard Remedies is a 35 year old family owned company. They were doing organic before anyone new what the word meant.

New to the United States for about 7 years. We have 90 stores through the U.K. And we sell in 23 countries around the world.

We are certified Organic and GMO-free. We have Organic Certification by the Soil Association. They watch the soil for 5 years to make sure it's free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, in the growing and production of the ingredients for our products. Very strict standards and well respected throughout the world.

We do everything based on Precautionary Principle. If we can't prove that an ingredient is safe we simple don't use it and find something else.

We have Champion Status with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics ( We contribute to Bee-friendly non-profits with our Bee Lovely line, and also support Mom's Across America in their fight to get GMOs labeled. GMOs not only contain foreign DNA (with who knows what effect on our immune systems), but GMO crops are sprayed with even more pesticides/herbicides because the crops are bred to be resistant to them.

And... our products are AWARD Winning, loved but beauty editors, are effective and are priced well - our facial skincare can last many months with regular usage.

Phew, so many reasons to absolutely love this company! The products stand above and beyond anything I have ever used. I'm completely in love!

We carry beauty products, bath and body, a men's line, makeup, mommy and me, aromatherapy, essential oils, candles, an anti-aging line and so much more!


I'd love for you to take a peek at the latest catalog here:


And of course, if you'd like to shop, you can visit my shop here:


I just held my first online party last night that I would love for you to come  join! send me an email to be added!


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