Weekend Food from Seed to Sprout + Food Hauls

March 13, 2017

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! We are expecting a big snow storm here tonight into tomorrow. I am definitely not looking forward to it. Although, the time change has been rough, so maybe the day off of school will help everyone recover from that. 

I stocked up on goodies before I even knew we were getting a storm! This is my haul from Whole Foods. LOVE everything! The Simple Mills pecan cookies are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Oh my lord.. We (T and I) ate the whole box in 2 days! I love the CoYo yogurt because it is super thick, not super sweet and has very few ingredients.

Bolthouse Farms sent me this lovely package of cold pressed juices for us to enjoy! They are really good and perfect for on the go. My favorite so far has been the Apple, Grapefruit, Peach, Raspberry. 

We went to visit family (and deliver Girl Scout Cookies) over the weekend. We stopped at Seed to Sprout for lunch. I also grabbed these goodies..

For lunch I had their bacon, cheddar, scram sandwich which was coconut bacon, tofu scramble and cashew cheese and tomatoes on millet flax bread. On the side is a kale salad and roasted potatoes.

I placed a tiny order from The Raw Food World last week. I ran out of Nutritional Yeast and after using the one from RFW, I can't go back to the other stuff! Theirs is super tasty with no synthetic vitamins. I also saw that Jem almond butter and these Rawmio cakes were at cost so I couldn't resist.. He he!


Have a great day! Stay safe if you are being hit by the snow too!

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