To Catch a Leprechaun

March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 


For the second year in a row, Little A has attempted to "catch a Leprechaun". Apparently, this is a thing and YouTube hasn't helped the situation because parents are actually buying Leprechaun dolls and putting them in a trap. Not sure what kid actually wants to catch a creepy doll, but they do. Which has made my life more difficult.  You see, last year, that tricky Leprechaun got away, he left some cookies, coins and confetti all over. Little A was majorly disappointed that she didn't catch him but we basically told her that that's impossible. Cue YouTube video of people catching a doll they say is a Leprechaun..


Little A: "Look Mom, these people actually caught one!"

Me: (eye balls popping out of my head) "WHAT? Lemme see that!"

Me: (sees creepy doll being pulled out of the trap) "you've gotta be kidding me!!!"

Little A: "We better make that trap good!! I want a leprechaun!"

Me: (silent)

Me: "They are VERY TRICKY!"

Audriana: "not for my trap! It's really good!"

Me: (silent)


Damn YouTube!! 


Little A is very much a perfectionist and when she doesn't catch one, she's going to think she should of done a better job. That's when the cookies will help. Who wants a creepy doll when you can have cookies? I mean...

So did we catch him? Nope! 


We woke up a ruckus in our kitchen, chairs on the ground, vegan cookies, a shamrock necklace, and some toilet paper thrown all over the bathroom.



Little A wasn't disappointed at all (yay!). She was in the moment and totally loved what the leprechaun left for her. 


I read an article today where a woman was complaining that we are doing "too many holidays" for our kids and it's just not fair. I had to laugh.. I completely "get it", but I am also all about making a little magic where I can. I know Little A really loves making the trap with T. T even made blueprints beforehand with her, to really get into it. She was so excited! All her friends at school do it and they leprechaun even visits her class the night before. So yes, I'm "that Mom" and I'm not apologizing. They are kids once and I hope when she grows up she will see how much effort we put into making everything magical. That's not saying that if you don't make leprechaun traps, your child won't have a magical childhood, but for us, this is what we do. We enjoy it and to each their own. It's just as fun for us as it is for them. What is greater than seeing your kid so excited over something so little? To them, it's all big and I try to remember that when something seems to be nothing to me but puts a great big smile on her face. They are only small for a short period of time and one day I'm going to miss her little traps and imagination. 



Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

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