St. Patrick's Day, Weekend Eats and The Squirrel and the Bee

March 20, 2017


I hope you had a nice weekend! Happy Spring Equinox! 


My St. Patrick's Day was filled with yummy eats! I had to share! I've been having a mug of this every day! It's Organic Vegan Cocoa Complex from my company Neal's Yard Remedies. It's so good! I add some almond milk and stevia to it or I'll use it in a smoothie. I wanted to share because for the month of March it's half off and you get a free bag of organic green Superfood powder with it! $16 total!

In case you are interested.


This was my smoothie bowl: bananas, Super Food Green Powder, water, Garden of Life Vanilla Chai Meal topped with sprouted granola, fried mulberries and Jem Almond Butter. 


Who needs Cornbeef and Cabbage when you can have tofu, potatoes and cabbage? Felt Irish enough to me! ;) The girls loved the cabbage! Note to self: make cabbage more often!


On Saturday, Little A and I were invited to a birthday party that was a private screening of the new Beauty and The Beast. Such a fun time and we LOVED the movie! It was so magical!! Who saw it or is planning on seeing? 


After that, we had some errands to run which included a Target run. I had to find a white top for a show Little A is going to be in at school, we found these amazing tops for her too! I mean... I could NOT resist! How amazing? I need these in my size! 


When we got home, I had a fun package waiting for me! This is my loot from my launch party for my business with Neal's Yard Remedies! I earned hostess points, a gift certificate and half priced shopping! I love everything about this company! If anyone ever wants to host an online party (on Facebook), you will earn hostess points and free stuff too from each purchase your friends make! Email me if you are interested. As you can see, I love the Frankincense line which tends to be for anti-aging (never too soon to start). But also works great with my sensitive, dry, acne prone skin! 


Saturday night, we made pizzas! Mine was sauce, olives, garlic, broccoli rabe and Miyokos Vegan mozzarella on a brown rice tortilla. 


Sunday involved a trip to Home Depot. The girls just love the car carts! Little S insisted on sitting on the right side. I'm pretty sure she wanted to know what it was like to drive in other countries (haha!). 


We stopped at The Squirrel and the Bee, a grain-free bakeshop and cafe that has a few vegan options. I grabbed a Buchi kombucha since I rarely see them and 3 of their grain free, paleo, vegan chocolate chip cookies! So good! 



We also shared acai bowls! Little A and I did most of the eating. Little S had most of the fruit off the top and T sipped his coconut milk latte. 


Sunday dinner was gluten free pasta with peas and a tomato "cheese" sauce made with Nutritional Yeast and Miyokos "cheese". Yummy, yum, yum!


Have a wonderful first day of Spring! 

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