Weekends: Blaze Pizza, Wegmans, Papa Ganache and Dean's Market

March 27, 2017

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! I've been super busy this past week (hence the lack of blogging). I'm really passionate about my new business with Neal's Yard Remedies. I love everything they stand for and their products, so much! I'm only a few dollars away from my March goal! So I am hustling! Haha! If anyone is interested in free samples, shoot me an email or message. I'd love to share these amazing products with you all! 


Onto the weekend! First, Blaze Pizza was on the menu. I had a gluten free pie with veggies, arugula and a side of a kale and quinoa salad. Super yummy! 

I did my produce haul at Whole Foods on Friday night. This was my cart: two heads of kale, two heads of broccoli rabe, two head of Swiss chard, two onions, one garlic bulb, two cartons of strawberries, romaine lettuce, 5 mangos, 5 apples and 3 bunches of bananas. All organic! The strawberries and mangos were on sale! I also want to note that I do bring reusable bags for after I pay, but Whole Foods doesn't allow you to shop into those bags. Hence the plastic baggies. :(

Dinner was a yummy mix of roasted potatoes, kale, guacamole and baked tofu. I am going to share my baked tofu recipe this week!

Saturday morning is ballet day! I am usually rushing out of the house. This time I brought a Square Bae and Harmless Harvest Coconut Probiotics. 

On Saturday, we went to Wegmans because I have been dying for a bagel and that's the only place o can find O'Doughs bagels (the best gf vegan bagels). I also found a few other goodies including vegan coconut bacon. When I got home I made a sandwich with the bagels, coconut bacon, lettuce and Kite Hill Cream Cheese. 

Dinner was gluten free pasta with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and baked tofu with sauce. 

After that, we took a little ride to Papa Ganache vegan bakery for some dessert. I had an ice cream cookie sandwich. Yum!

On Sunday, we headed to the shore to visit my parents. We stopped off at Dean's Market for lunch. I had an almond acai bowl (Eddie the Corgi watching). 

I also had a grape HealthAde kombucha. 

And finally, I'll end on a fun note, this was a drawing that Little A made of me (glasses on because she sketched it before contacts went in). Check out my shirt! :)


Have a lovely day! 

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