Weekend Fun Around NJ

April 3, 2017


Hi all! I hope you had a nice weekend. Our weekend was completely fufilling soulfully and mentally. We usually have one day that we need to run errands, but not this weekend! Although we did have some things to do, I said I'd try to get them done this week instead so that we could fully enjoy the weekend as a family. Normally, I would do all my errands during the week, but Little S has become impossible to take to stores. She won't sit in the cart and if she walks, she doesn't want to hold hands or be carried. She runs around and goes crazy! So.. I have to do everything on the weekend when T can either stay home with her, or stay in the car with her. We've given up the idea of bringing her to stores because it is just too stressful. So anyway, the free weekend felt amazing! 

On Saturday, we had a friend's birthday party in Lambertville, which is about 45 minutes from us. The area is so charming and adorable. We stayed there for our anniversary this past year and it was the best time. First, we stopped off in Frenchtown to some stops we enjoyed when we stayed over for our anniversary. T wanted a soy latte from this little cafe called "Early Bird", and it turned out that they had green tea soy lattes along with vegan chocolates and other vegan goodies! I was happy to indulge. 

So many beautiful, little sites!

This area is so sweet and full of old world charm. 

We stopped at the candy shop because we remembered they carried "No Whey" candy. Little A got herself a No Whey Snickers type bar. 

Little S wanted me to take a picture on every bench! 

Gotta love the bridges going into PA. 

And the quirky sites while walking the streets. 

Before heading to the party, we hit up Big Bear Natural Foods for pre party food. As a vegan family, we always make sure to eat before. Lesson we learned a long time ago. Little A and I both had falafel sandwiches. I shared with Little S. Little A ate her whole sandwich. 

I also had this Blue Buddha organic wellness tea that was super refreshing. I was in the backseat to nurse Little S while T drove. There's an art to doing this. Lol!

We arrived at the party and I was very excited to meet their baby goats! They have goats as pets and don't use them for milk. 

The baby's were absolutely adorable and so sweet! 

Little A was scared, so I didn't get to hold on. She made me come out of the gate and stand with her when I really wanted to squeeze these little babies!

On Sunday, we stopped at a new local coffee shop (T likes his coffee), and again, they had a vegan tea for me! This time it was organic chai (Kilogram tea was the name) and soy milk. 

Then we packed Little A's bike and Little S' push bike and headed to Duke Farms. 

The girls enjoyed riding around while T and I walked. 

We just love it there and the weather was perfect!

The sites are gorgeous and inspiring. 

They were having a Farm to Table event where I scored some Kombucha at discount. The guy didn't have any left to give me, so he sold me the sample jar (with only one sample given), for discount. This was the black cherry flavor and it's amazing!!! I'm glad it was such a big jug because I have more for today!



Little A took a break from riding to push her Sissy. 

Can't believe everyone was looking!

Taking a break in the grass. 

Orchid greenhouse. 

The greenhouse is stunning with orchids all around. 

Orchid greenhouse. 

On the way out, we grabbed "pickles-on-a-stick". The horseradish flavor was delicious! Perfect end to a perfect weekend!


Have a lovely Monday! 

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