April Favorites and Loves

April 25, 2017


I have been doing seasonal favorites and I realized I like new things that I want to share every month instead. So this will be my first post of favorite things! 


You all know that I became a consultant for Neal's Yard Remedies, well I've been impressed over and over again by their products. Both of these creams have worked wonders for myself and those around me. My sister and I have both had eczema under our wedding rings for years, the Bee Lovely hand cream cleared it up in days. T has really rough, beat up hands from work, these creams have made his hands feel brand new. (And the Bee Lovely collection of body wash, body lotion, hand salve and body Balm is on sale until the 30th for $50). 


Again, another product from NYR (sorry guys, I'm completely obsessed). Their tea is delightful, beneficial and organic. The nighttime tea puts me in an amazing slumber. 

Mommy and Me Paint and Play! A friend of mine opened a new art studio and she hosts mommy and me every week. Little S actually sits and paints which is shocking! I love doing this with her. 


Speaking of art, Little A's artwork is seriously the stuff dreams are made of. I just love when she brings home her creations. Her imagination is so inspiring and I love how passionate she is about art. 

Planting flowers! And being outside again! Spring has been pretty amazing weather wise. I'm so enjoying the days outside again. Can't wait to plant our garden! 

Artichokes! More specific, T's stuffed artichokes! He makes them so good with gluten free bread crumb and Miyoko's vegan mozz! 

The beach, the ocean, the sound, the sand. All of it! Can't wait for Summer. We got to check out the beach when Little A was on Spring Break, what a tease! 

Barney Butter! I'm an ambassador for Barney Butter and I've become very obsessed. They send me a bunch of goodies and we've been going through it all very fast. Their almond butter is super smooth, just like peanut butter. As you can see, Little S is a fan. 

Tonics, this mug and this bird bath. My last tonic obsession is Neal's Yard Remedies Cocoa Complex, Dandy Blend, stevia drops and almond milk. This mug I found at Marshalls for $5 (I love a pretty mug, if you haven't noticed) and this bird bath we got on discount at Home Depot was love at first site!



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