April School Lunches and Kid Food

April 28, 2017

Well this month just flew by! I know it's a few days early, but since there are no more school days this month, I figure I'd share today. 

This was baked tofu and hummus on Whole spelt bread, romaine lettuce, apples and a Made zgood granola bar. 

Same sandwich but on an organic if ciabatta roll, apples, Simple Mills chocolate cookies, romaine lettuce. 

Same lunch minus the cookies add a Made Good bar. 

Same sandwich on Whole spelt bread, apples, corn thins, a Made Good granola bar and romaine lettuce. 

Little S enjoying some Kite Hill almond milk cream cheese with a fork! Lol!

Kale salad (massaged with olive oil, pink salt and nutritional yeast), Simple Mills chocolate cookies, apples and the same sandwich. 

Gardein Chick'n patty, apples, carrots, roasted chickpeas and My Supersnacks cookies. 

Gardein chick'n tenders with organic ketchup, My Supersnacks cookies, apples, baby bell peppers and roasted chickpeas. 

Little S enjoying her first artichoke (along with roasted chickpeas, white sweet potato and green beans). 

Gardein chick'n tenders, carrots and baby peppers, apples and MySuperCookies. Funny story, Little A tells everyone at school she's a "vegetarian" (she has a vegetarian friend so she uses that term over vegan), anyway, the kids now don't believe her because of her Gardein chick'n she brings. They think it's real! Haha!

Gardein chick'n tenders, organic pretzels, pineapples, carrots and My Supersnacks granola bites. I want to also mention how much I love this company. They donate a meal to a child in need for every hashtag #packalunch with their products. You can see more on my Instagram (@LaurenGinger). 

Smoothie bowl breakfast for Little A (Little S had hers as a smoothie since she is messier). This was pitaya, bananas, spinach, Udo's vegan omega 3 oil, black strap molasses topped with grain free granola, strawberries and raisins. 

Little S can eat a whole container of blackberries! She loves them! 

Dinner for the girls one night: for Little S: tomatoes, green beans, roasted potatoes and a Dr Praegars sweet potato patty. Little A had the same minus the tomatoes and with a kale salad. 

Gardein chick'n tenders with organic ketchup, MySupercookies, apples, romaine lettuce, organic pretzels. 

Our favorite stuffed artichokes that T makes with gluten free bread crumbs and Miyoko's vegan cheese. In their new bowls of course! 

Gardein chick'n tenders with organic ketchup, veggie straws, carrots and celery, apples, MySupersnack granola bites and an organic dark chocolate egg. 

Little A eating sautéed kale and sweet potato wedges at Duke Farms on Sunday. 


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