Spring Break At The Shore

April 12, 2017

Hi! We are on Spring Break over here, which means non-stop fun for Little A and Little S! We try to make the time off special for them since we don't go away. On Saturday, we went to the shore and stayed until Tuesday. T stayed home to paint and do some work around the house (which isn't easy when Little S is around). 

We got there just in time for lunch, I grabbed my Mom and we ran to Deans for some snacks and lunch. I had a Pitaya bowl. 

After that, we went to Made in Monmouth, a local craft show we attend every year. 

These two showing each other love, as always! 

These are the goodies I got at the sale. All hand crafted!

After that, we swung by my sister's house for a cousin visit! Little S loves her cousin who is 6 months to the day, younger than her. 

For dinner, my Mom made delicious lentils. The girls are their whole bowls and I had two bowls! So good!

The next morning, I made myself a tonic in my new mug. Lucky for me, my Mom has her own supply of NYR Cocoa Complex!

The weather was so beautiful, that we spent the morning on the deck playing. This was "monkey see, monkey do" right here. 

We took a little ride to the new Seed to Sprout Bakery for a quick bite before heading to a street fair. I had their Golden Milk latte (soooo good!) and avocado toast. Little A had a black and white cookies, I forgot to get a pic!

Street Fair with my loves. The weather was so warm! 

That night we went to dinner at my Mother-in-law's house. I didn't take any pics but the dinner was delicious: veggie stuffed peppers and cauliflower soup. I also enjoyed a gluten free vegan blondie from Seed to Sprout Bakery that night. ;)

The next day, we went to the mall to visit the Easter bunny. My niece and sis were with us and also in the pic, but, I didn't want to post without asking her, so I cropped. Anyway, this was the first year that Little A wanted to sit with him. My niece was crying so my sis and I jumped in. Lol!

After that, we ordered lunch from Playa bowls. We all had their Coco Craze bowl which was coconut meat and milk blended and topped with fruit and gluten free granola. Amazing! We enjoyed it in my sister's yard while the girls played. 

My parents took us to dinner that night at Pazzo in RedBank, NJ. 

I had their gluten free fig and arugula pizza (minus the cheese). The girls had gluten free pasta with sauce. 

When we got home, I enjoyed some CocoNutz chocolate that my Mother-in-law gifted me. These are so unbelievable you good! I want to try all the flavors! 

On Tuesday, the weather was amazing! High 70's so we planned on visiting the beach. Before that, I made myself a little snack of tofu, sauerkraut and mustard on a corn thin.

The beach was a lot colder than we expected! We walked down to the water and turned back. Plus, Little S was scared of the sand! Hopefully, she gets over that after we visit in the Summer. 

The Jersey Shore. 

One last stop at Seed to Sprout Bakery before heading home! 

I couldn't leave without another Golden Milk latte. My Mom and I also had "Everything Toast" which was cashew cream, tomatoes and everything seasoning on gluten free bread. 

I'll be back for that Golden Milk again soon!



Hope you are having a nice Spring Break!

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