Our Easter Fun and Eats

April 19, 2017

Happy belated Easter! I have literally been trying to get this post up since Monday! Little A was off on Monday so that didn't happen, and yesterday, Little S cut her nap short. Today, again short nap (hoping this isn't a trend), but I'm typing on my phone while she plays and hoping this goes live from there! 

Anyway, I made the girls this bunny a few days before Easter. I got the idea from Fork and Beans (I did this last year too). I ran out of gluten free waffles, so I used Ezekiel bread for some pieces. 

We dyed eggs as every other family would, except we used plastic recyclable eggs (found at Walmart) and Eco friendly dye that was made with vegetable and fruit extracts. Little A got these princess stickers as a gift and they were perfect to finish off the "eggs" with. 

Starbucks with their fun cups... This was a green tea almond milk latte (unsweetened) while we ran errands for our big Easter dinner. 

The night before, Little A put out carrots and coconut water for the Easter Bunny and he was nice enough to leave her a note back. ;)

The Easter Bunny brought Little A some American Girl Doll clothes (actually, I got them on Amazon so they aren't technically AGD clothes). She recently got really into her AG doll that she got as a gift as a baby. Her friends all play with them too so I guess it's the age. She is actually doing chores weekly to save up for one that "looks like her". We told her she would have to earn the money and she goes to her bank and pulls out $100! She has been saving any money she's been given since she was 3! Lol! She actually had more but used it for something else she wanted not too long ago. Anyway, she also got a book, some vegan chocolate, a stuffed bunny puppet she wanted, natural glitter nail polish, matching pjs for her and her doll and a slip and slide. Little S got an Abby Cadabby stuffed toy, clothes for Summer, 2 books and a eco friendly water can and garden tools. 


Excited girls! Little S knew to go right to her basket and rip is apart! 

Little A got this huge chocolate egg that was accidentally vegan. It was an Italian brand that T found in an Italian deli. We all snacked on it for breakfast! Whoops!

Happy loves!

Next was our "egg" hunt. We do this every year but this year was extra special because Little S could participate. We will the plastic eggs with little trinkets and change. 

Little S was very good at finding the "easy" ones. Little A was kind enough to leave those for her. 


So proud of their findings.

This was the vegan chocolate that Little A got in her basket. 

Little S woke from her nap and wasn't happy that the party started without her. As you can see!

Took awhile for her to warm up! But here they are, looking like little princesses. 

I completely forgot to take pictures of the appetizers we had out. We had a huge veggie platter with hummus, plus these Simple Mills gluten-free crackers with Treeline cashew cheese. 

We spent most the day outside except for during dinner but we did have our salad outside. My mother-in-law makes the best salads!

For the vegan food, we had vegan gluten-free lasagna, gluten-free stuffed peppers and roasted potatoes. This was my plate minus the mushrooms. 

My sister made a vegan gluten-free lasagna. It was delicious!

Did I mention that the weather was almost 90°? We set up the slip and slide and all the kids changed into their bathing suits.

We finished the day with gluten-free vegan cupcakes that my sister-in-law made.


We had a lovely day! I was so glad the weather was so hot and beautiful so we could enjoy the fresh air and nature while having a good time! xo


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