Celebrating Earth Day and a Cleaning Recipe!

April 21, 2017

Hi! Tomorrow is Earth Day and today I want to share with you my favorite ways I celebrate Mother Earth, every day! Maybe you can use my ideas for yourself or share your favorites in the comments! I'm always looking for simple ways to be more green!


1. I am vegan! 

2. I bring my own bags to the grocery store. 

3. When I do get plastic bags (Target), I reuse them for diapers and as liners for small garbage cans in my home. 

4. I always shut lights when leaving a room. 

5. I always shut the water while brushing my teeth. 

6. I sell NYR products which are organic, eco friendly, come in glass bottles and even help save the bees!

7. I grow food in the Summer. 

8. I use eco friendly diapers for Little S. 

9. We recycle plastic, cans and paper. 

10. I only use natural cleaning products. I even make my own all purpose spray. (Recipe below)



All Natural All Purpose Spray


White vinegar


Essential oil of choice


Add half white vinegar, half water to a spray bottle. Add in essential oil of choice. I like the smell of lavender so I use this oil from my company, NYR: 



We are actually launching 10 more oils in May plus a gorgeous wood diffuser! So keep a look out for that if you are interested! 


Another product I wanted to share is our Bee Lovely line. These products do contain honey so they're not technically vegan. But the proceeds go to help save the bees. So, it's really your choice whether you think they are vegan or not. Personally, with all the money donated, I would say they are vegan enough! Anyway, these products will be on sale in a bundle starting tomorrow for $50! Which is a great deal for all you are getting. 

NYR sources our honey from small producers in Mexico and Nicaragua and has donated over $100,000 to Bee conservation projects.


My sister and I both cleared eczema on our hands with the hand cream, my mother-in-law and husband both have severely dry hands from the cold and both have used this cream and transformed their hands. Plus, other numerous people I've sold to personally, who have noticed major changes with this line! 


This post wasn't to "sell you", but I had to share because they are Earth Day approved and a great way to donate on Earth Day to saving the bees!

Message me for more, or check it out here: 



Xo Happy Earth Day!

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