A Few Good Meals

May 19, 2017

Hi! I hope you are having a nice week! Today is T and my 11 year wedding anniversary! I'll share more on that next week. This weekend we are always attending the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival so come back Monday for my review and what we are and did there! 


Today I wanted to share with you some great meals we've been eating lately! :)

T makes the best stuffed artichokes. He uses chickpea breadcrumbs (the ingredients are literally just chickpeas), Miyokos vegan mozzarella, garlic and seasoning. 

Buddha bowls are back in the rotation. This one was kale, hummus, kraut, olives, roasted potatoes, tomatoes, rice and peas, jalapeños and a Hilary's veggie burger. 

This was a kale salad with tomatoes, kraut and olives, a Hilary's veggie burger, green beans and roasted potatoes. 

Another salad bowl: romaine, kraut, sunflower seeds and 2 Hilary's burgers. 

More Hilary's burgers! I guess you can't tell that I love them! They have super healthy and simple ingredients and are so tasty! This time I had one with tri color quinoa, hummus, kale, olives, tomatoes and roasted potatoes. 

And again! Lol! With kale, potatoes, tomatoes, olives, roasted peppers, jalapeños and brown rice. 

Quinoa pasta with broccoli rabe and olives. 

And Engine2 veggie burger with arugula, hummus, olives, tomatoes, nutritional yeast and Bubbies pickles. 

Hilary's burger with kale, potatoes, roasted peppers, kraut, hummus and jalapeños. 

Quinoa pasta with roasted peppers, broccoli rabe and olives. 

Kale, tri color quinoa, roasted peppers, jalapeños, olives, almond flour dusted potatoes and a sauce that T made.  

Arugula, tri color quinoa, olives, Hilary's veggie burger, stone ground mustard and roasted peppers. 

Nice cream for dinner! We used the Yonana machine to blend up frozen pineapple, bananas, strawberries and cherries. Topped with Purely Elizabeth granola and coconut shreds. 

Arugula salad with red rice and quinoa cakes with hummus, a Hilary's burger, hummus, peppers, arugula micro greens and mustard. 


Have a nice weekend!


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