Earth Day Weekend

April 24, 2017




I hope you had a nice weekend! We celebrated Earth Day mostly on Sunday because Saturday was rainy.

I took Little S with me to the Juice Bar because Little A was in ballet and I had time to kill. We shared a coconut bowl and granola bars. (We saved some of both for Little A too!)

My little sprouts getting their hands in the dirt.

The girls wore their Earth Day outfits, but the rain kept us inside.

We did have errands to run. I grabbed this yummy Koia drink for a quick lunch. The girls drank it too, which left me very little. #momlife

I also had some of this Alter Ego quinoa chocolate that I am always seeing people post about. It's super yummy in case you are wondering! ;) 

For dinner with had quinoa pasta with tomato sauce and fresh arugula on top. 

Sunday was a beautiful day! We played outside all morning and I had a matcha coconut milk latte. 

Little S wore her first ponytail!

Then we were off to Duke Farms!

Our favorite place to reconnect with nature. 

We picked up lunch before at Veganized in New Brunswick, NJ. I had a lentil salad with tempeh. 

We all shared sweet potato wedges that came with a delicious dipping sauce. 

Little A and S both had some sautéed kale. 


Then we were off for more nature! Little A on her bike and Little S in her push bike. 







I can't think of a better way to enjoy an Earth Day celebration (a day late). 

When we got home, we hoped on our bikes for a bike ride. 

Little S' first time on the back of T's bike. She was so good and really loved it! It was nice to get on my bike again after a few years (pregnant and then Little S was too small). 

We ended the day with stuffed artichokes. These were for the girls. T makes them so good! He uses gluten free bread crumbs and Myoiko's vegan cheese. I got them these bowls at Target. 


Have a lovely day! 

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