May School Lunches and Kid Food

June 1, 2017

Hi! Today's I'm sharing some kid eats plus all of Little A's school lunches during May! Looks like these posts are going to change a little after June! I am thinking I'll just share a monthly post with their beach, pool, camp eats and some other fun eats here and there! Anyway! This month was funny, the kids at school have found out that Little A is a vegan (vegetarian they call it). But, they don't believe her! When they see her Gardein and Field Roast products, they think they are real! Too funny! She's so proud that she doesn't eat meat, so this really offends her. 

This was Gardein Chick'n, apples, pears, lettuce and pita chips with hummus. I don't buy pears like this, but Little A grabbed this container from the kid's club at Whole Foods. 

This is what I called a "Lunchable" meal: Simple Mills crackers, baked tofu and Chao cheese; an acai Superfood squeeze drink, an clementine, apples, chocolate coconut milk and peppers. 

Brown rice with black beans, lettuce, pita chips, apples and Simple Mills cookies. 

Tofu filled raviolis, a Made Good granola bar, apples, lettuce and an Acai Superfood squeeze drink. 

Tofu filled raviolis, lettuce, apples, Barbara's cookies and a chocolate coconut milk. 

Little S stealing my juice at the local juice bar! 

Black beans and brown rice, pita chips and hummus, a clementine, apples and an acai Superfood squeeze drink. 

Gardein chick'n tenders with organic ketchup, pita chips and carrots with hummus, an apple and an acai Superfood squeeze drink. 

Gardein chick'n tenders with organic ketchup, chocolate coconut milk 

Brown rice with pinto beans, an acai Superfood squeeze drink, Barbara's cookies, lettuce and apples. 

Gluten free pasta with broccoli rabe, pita chips, carrots, hummus and apples. 

Gardein chick'n tenders with organic ketchup, carrots and celery, pita chips and stevia seeetened chocolate chips. 

Snack plate for a Little S: strawberries, edamame, grape tomatoes and grapes. 

Smoothie bowl with sprouted granola and raisins for breakfast. They both had this. 

Pinto beans and brown rice, a smoothie with fruit and greens, Barbara's cookies, lettuce and celery and carrots. 

Field Roast hot dog, carrots and celery, strawberries and Barbara's cookies. 

Field Roast hot dog, pita chips with hummus, lettuce, apples and a Made Good granola bar. 

Eating vegan cannoli's at the Veg Food Festival in NYC. 

Gardein chick'n tenders with organic ketchup, stevia sweetened chocolate chips, apples, carrots and pita chips with hummus. 

Reading T Veg in her watermelon dress. 

Baked tofu and hummus on organic Italian bread, carrots, apples, lettuce and non-gmo Oreo type cookies. 

They love olives! Especially on their fingers! 

Little A enjoying her S'more over Memorial Day weekend. 

They both enjoyed these You Love Fruit leather. 

T brought home some exotic fruit. The girls loved Rambutan!


Field Roast hot dog, a Made Good granola bar, pita chips with hummus, lettuce and apples. 

Little S enjoying some organic strawberries as I'm unpacking groceries!

Baked tofu and hummus on organic Italian bread, gluten free pretzels, lettuce, non-gmo sandwich cookies, carrots and celery. 

Smoothie bowls for breakfast: mango, bananas, almond milk, probiotic powder, black strap molasses and chia seeds topped with sprouted granola. 

Baked tofu and hummus on Italian bread, lettuce, carrots and celery and non-gmo sandwich cookies. 


See you later this month for our last school lunch post until September! xo

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