Filling Up My Cup

May 3, 2017


Hi! I thought I would be fun to share some of the things I'm doing for myself this week. This can be used to give you ladies some ideas of things to do to make sure your cup is being filled. I'm all about taking a little time for myself a few times a week. This doesn't mean going out to the spa (although that would be nice), just little things here and there to help me feel good and not so Mom-ish. Don't get me wrong, I love being a Mom, but sometimes I need to be just Lauren. :) 

Most of these take just a few seconds or minutes and I'll feel like I actually did something that was for me!

-Taking bike rides 
- Body Brushing
- Rub Avocado Oil on the tips of my hair before showering
- Using my favorite Facial Polish (consultant link)
- Flossing
- Letting my hair dry naturally
- Wearing my favorite jewelry (obsessed with everything by Satya)
- Working out
- Grounding
- Stretching
- Using my favorite Body Butter after a shower (consultant link)
- Wearing lipstick (I love 100% Pure brand)
- Eating lots of juicy ripe fruit and drinking lots of water
- Using my electronic face brush
- Smiling more :) 


What are YOU doing to fill your cup this week? xo

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