Mother's Day Weekend

May 15, 2017

Happy belated Mother's Day! I had a really nice day with my family. They took great care of me and even let me sleep in a little! ;) 

On Saturday we went down to the shore to visit our Moms since we wouldn't be spending Sunday with them. We stopped at Herd Juicery for lunch. I had been following them on Instagram and I couldn't wait to try their vegan gluten free unicorn donuts and their Blue Majik smoothies! 

From E3-live: "Blue Majik is a proprietary, chemical free extract of Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina), a Nutrient Dense AquaBotanicalTM. Its stunning blue pigment contains both phycocyanin (PC) and non-PC compounds."

Little A had the smoothie. Which she loved!

It was made with fresh coconut meat and water (we saw them crack the coconuts right there). 

I had the bowl which was so pretty and so good! Little A and Little S both shared this with me. T had their buffalo tempeh sandwich which he liked. 

When we got to my Mother-in-law's she had these brownie balls from Seed to Sprout Bakery waiting for us. They were wheat free and made with spelt but. It gluten free. I had a tiny nibble because T said they were that good! He was right! 

Once we got home, for dinner we made fajitas with Beyond Meat "chicken", peppers, Jalapeños, onions, salad and guacamole on almond flour wraps. This is Little A's new favorite meal. The "chicken" I was not a fan of on its own (too real) but it tasted really good with the other toppings. 

On Sunday, I woke up to these 3 loves who made me breakfast! 

All my favorite breakfast foods: a fruit smoothie, potatoes with peppers and onions and a Green Tea Almond Milk Latte. 

Look at these cards and gifts! Little A worked very hard on all these wonderful gifts she made at school. She even made something a month ago with my Mom that she kept a surprise!

A month or so ago, I sent T a picture of a moon shelf and told him how gorgeous it was. He always likes unique things like I do, so I figured he would think it was cool. Well, this was my Mother's Day gift and no, he didn't buy it, HE MADE IT! I'm obsessed with the love and thoughtfulness that went into this. I'm one lucky lady! 

Trying to get a picture with Little S being held, isn't easy! 

We decided to go out to Peddler's Village in PA for the day. This is one of my favorite places and areas. First, we stopped for lunch: I had their special "falafel fiesta" on a gluten free wrap and some local kombucha from BabaBucha (cute name). 

Take two with the pic, still not having it! 

Peddler's Village (I've posted about many times before, follow the tag), is so lovely and full of small shops with unique items. 

My favorite store there is Journey's which has spirited gifts, crystals, new age goodies and more! I wish they allowed pics inside (sorry).  But I did get a few shots on my Instastories. 

On the way back, we stopped at Stockton Market. Which was a big market with vendors selling all sorts of fresh food. They even had a band playing inside. 

This place was a dream come true when I saw they had a Kombucha Bar! I literally did a dance! 

Lots of local organic produce! This place was a dream!

Here is my haul from the day! All my favorites: chocolate, crystals, Kombucha, fairies and greens!


Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day! Sending love to those without their mothers and those without children. xo 

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