May Loves

May 26, 2017

Hi! Today I'm sharing all the things I've been loving during the month of May! 

We saw this book T. Veg in Barnes and Noble and right away, I put it on Little A's wishlist. A good friend sent it to her about a week later. This book is my new favorite (Uni The Unicorn was my previous favorite). It is about a veg eating T-Rex who gets teased about his diet. In the end, his friends see how strong eating like an "Herbivore" has made him. And they all come around to agreeing that he is as healthy and strong as any meat-eating dinosaur! So cute! And such a valuable, truthful lesson! 

Another book my friend sent was this gorgeous Secret Garden book! We are obsessed with the pictures and whimsical, magicalness this book holds. We even love it enough to hide it from Little S (she will rip out the pop-up pages). Gotta do, what you gotta do! 

For Mother's Day, T got me some ZenBunni chocolate and I am in looooove! The flavored ones are great, but just the original chocolate is to live for! I love the taste, ingredients, packaging, the name! So good!

This Geranium and Orange Hand Wash from NYR (consultant link), is so lovely! I don't think I have ever cared enough about a hand wash, but this one smells amazing, leaves my hands soft and comes in a glass bottle that I can up-cycling into a vase. Plus, it looks so pretty!

I have always wanted to try Mamey Sapote and lucky for me, my Whole Foods had some! The girls and I shared this one morning and I wasn't crazy about it. I have always heard how good they are so I decided to buy another to try. This one was so good! Exactly how people describe it! It was creamy, and soft like a pudding pie with vanilla undertones. 

Speaking of fruit, now that the weather is getting warmer, I've been enjoying lots of fruit again! This "ice cream" was made with the Yonana machine and all different frozen fruit topped with stevia sweetened chocolate chips! We actually had this for dinner one night when the temps reached 90 last week. 

Ginger Lemonade is another obsession this month. T made a big pitcher of this one weekend and it was so good. He uses lemon, ginger, filtered water and maple syrup. So full of nutrients and enzymes, not to mention very antibacterial. 

This Hibiscus Revive Kombucha has become one of my favorites! This flavor is so good and not too bubbly. Reminds me of an alcoholic beverage! 

Another drink that I got to try this month was LoveGrace's Beauty Elixir! This was so delicious! I will definitely be on the look out for more!



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