NYC Vegetarian Food Festival 2017

May 22, 2017

Hi! This past weekend I was lucky enough to make it out to my favorite yearly event: The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival! I got press tickets for my blog and I took the whole family! 

Little A felt famous posing! Haha!

One of our first stops (and my one of favorites), was the Revive Kombucha stand. Their Kombucha is like no other. It really reminds me more of an alcoholic drink where the others are more like a soda. The Hibiscus is super yummy! They gave me one on the house after T was chatting with them for awhile and I gushed about how much I love their Kombucha but can't find it around me. 

Next was the Love Grace stand. I have been wanting to try their cold-pressed organic juices and elixirs for a long time. 

I ended up leaving with their Chocolate Superfood drink and a Beauty Elixir. I actually haven't tried them yet! I completely forgot about them today when T came home with a surprise lunch for me! I'll try tomorrow and share on my Instagram (@LaurenGinger). 

Health-Ade Kombucha was also there (another favorite of mine). 

Next stop was Screamers pizza where T stopped to wait on line. 

(Sorry for the crappy pic) I wasn't able to partake since it wasn't gluten free. It has all sorts of vegan meats and looked so good! He said it was great! 

He also brought the girls back a cannoli. 

Again, not gluten free, but the girls sure enjoyed! 

More model shots for my little girlie!

We had a ton of fun in the kids area. 

They always have such a great set up for the kids to play! 

Lots of cute signs to stick their cute heads in, a play mat area, coloring, arts and crafts, books! Little A had a blast! Little S was running around all over!

There were so many fun tshirt and clothing stands. This one was my favorite "Plant Based Drippin". 

Finally, it was time for my lunch! I had to hit up my favorite spot, Yeah Dawg. Whenever they come to an event that I am at, they are my go-to. The food is super yummy and the owner is beyond nice. I love supporting them! Their "hotdogs" are made with veggies, gluten free flours and seeds. Nothing artificial. I always grab a package to-go too!

Yeah Dawg also had Mushroom Mylk which was made with cacao and lots of different medicinal mushrooms and spices. This was so good and such a lovely treat! 

Swagbag and other goodies I brought home! Can't wait to try it all. These P-nuff crunch snacks were so good and the girls loved them. We bought two bags but ate one in the car! Also, Kelly's Croutons were delicious. I brought home two of their "parm" toppings. Made with cashews, Nutritional Yeast and spices. Rescue chocolate is super yummy, I bought their peanut butter which tastes like a Butterfinger bar!

I also got this free tshirt for doing press! Yay! I love this festival so much! Can't wait for next year! 





Here are my Instastories from the day!



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