Memorial Day Weekend 2017 Edition

May 30, 2017

Hi everyone! I've been trying to get back into the swing of things with blogging, but I never seem to have time. I also haven't been motivating with things I want to blog and I don't want to just blog about things we do, lol! So if you have any posts you would love to see from me, let me know! Shoot me an email or leave me a comment here, on my Facebook fan page or on Instagram  (@laurenginger). Anyway, our Memorial Day weekend was fun, but the weather wasn't great. Saturday and Sunday were warmer but there was an overcast and yesterday, it was rainy and cold (and again today). Boo! Last year we were on the beach! Hoping we get some warmer weather that stays, soon!

On Saturday, we decided to plant our yearly organic vegetable garden. 

We headed out to a farm that was about 20 minutes away, but they have a wide variety of organic trans-plants. 

This whole shed was just organic veggies and herbs! Heaven! 

When we arrived, we were approached by a man who works there. He asked if the girls wanted to feed the chickens! Well of course! 

Little S dove right in, while Little A was more hesitant. 

After we grabbed our plants, we were hungry! Lucky for us, Dean's was up the road! I got myself a gluten free vegan pasta salad, a Revive Kombucha and some Beet Chips. I love all these things, so it was a great lunch! 

I grabbed these dried fruit leathers from Deans for the girls. T and them wanted Chipotle (which was in the same shopping center) but they had these as well. 

Here is what we brought home: tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, Basil and mint. We also planted organic cucumber seeds. 


While Little S and T planted the veggie garden, Little A and I set up the fairy garden. 


The goal now is to keep Little S away from it! Haha!

Fairy garden, check!

Veggie garden, check!

On Sunday, we had a family BBQ to go to. BBQ' usually mean that we eat before. I had a Fiesta Roll from Whole Foods. This has scallions, avocado, sweet potato topped with basil and a vegan dressing on the side. 

Water ballon sand mud at the party made Little S a happy girl!

Playing with her big cousins and running around outside, made Little A a happy girl. 

When we got home, it was time for our own BBQ, just us! I had a Hilary's veggie burger on a gluten free bun with kraut, mustard, ketchup and arugula. 

After dinner it was time for our Summer family tradition - S'mores!

Such a nice treat! 

Little A was so happy! We roasted the marshmallows on our fire pit. 

Monday was rainy but T brought me home a Matcha almond milk latte from Whole Foods. My favorite! What a guy!

We really just stuck around at home. We ran some errands to Lowe's and stopped at Barnes and Noble so Little A could use a gift card she got. For lunch I made a salad of arugula, Hilary's broccoli casserole bites, mustard, olives, chickpeas, kraut and chipotle garlic salsa. 

For dinner, we had pizza! Mine was broccoli rabe, olives, sauce, Daiya cheddar and Miyokos vegan mozzarella on a brown rice tortilla. 

We ended the day with olives on our fingers! Haha! Pretty much sums up our family, silly! 



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