My Berkey Water Filter and Getting Out the Lead

June 7, 2017

7 months ago, I got a Berkey Water Filter system. The Berkey is known to be one of the best filtration systems money can buy. I had wanted one for many years but it wasn't until I really realized how important clean water is, that I took the plunge and got their Big Berkey System.  I have the Travel one because it was the right size for my smaller space and was good for up to 4 people.



So why Berkey? I looked at a few systems including reverse osmosis, which I always thought was the best, turns out it's not. Reverse Osmosis removes even the good minerals from water. The Berkey leaves them but gets rid of all the bad stuff pharmaceuticals, lead and mercury as well as sedimentary minerals such as iron oxide.


I was worried about buying the filters, they aren't cheap. But apparently you don't have to change them for a few years. You can tell when you need to change or clean them, when the water flow slows. I clean the system once a week or less with hot water and some white vinegar. 


The taste is great, filling it is easy (once a day I fill my Vitamix pitcher 3x to fill), and I store it in my mud room so it doesn't take up counter space. The biggest issue is that it isn't cold. But the stainless still keeps it cool and I have adjusting to not having ice cold water. I actually feel better with room temperature, cool water and find it is easier on my stomach.


I mentioned how I never realized how important getting all these harmful things out of my water. I will say, it always bothered me but I figured my filter was doing its job. I was wrong. And unfortunately I find that out the hard way. Little S had high normal lead levels. Which means they were in range, but on the higher end of the range. And being "in range" meant nothing to someone like me who prides herself in healthy living. 


6 months after using the Berkey and after Little S' one year blood work, she was retested and her levels went down from 5 to 2. Hopefully, now they are even lower (she was retested a couple months ago). I also did a few other things to help "get the lead out". I didn't want to shock her system, so I spread everything out and gave it to her only a couple days a week. 


Chlorella blended in a smoothie. 

Cilantro. She wasn't a fan, so I had it in my smoothies in hopes she would get it in my milk. 

Dulse flakes. Again, hidden in a smoothie. 

Vitamin C powder. 

I also followed some protocols from "The Medical Medium". Google his books if you are interested in heavy metal detox. 



*The water in my town doesn't have Fluoride added, so I didn't need a separate filter for that. Berkey carries 4 filters for this chamber. Two are for flouride. 


**We live in an older house, Little S wasn't around any chipped paint but her doctor thinks that could have also been the issue. Since her levels went down so much after we changed our water system, I'm guessing it was the water. 


***This post was in no way sponsored and I was not giving an compensation for this post. This is my opinions. Always speak to a doctor for medical advice. 

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