Cloudy June Weekend

June 4, 2017

I hope you had a nice weekend! We weren't too busy. We had some errands to do and we were planning on going to the beach, but the weather didn't cooperate. 

Friday was one of those days that needed to end. Little S was getting a molar and was nursing and in my arms the entire day. T came home with this HU chocolate bar and made it all better. ;)

On Saturday, T had to go down south for work. He grabbed me raw pizza and macaroons for us to all share. What a guy!

I wore my favorite Lettuce Eat Plants shirt (from Vegetaryn). 

And after some running around, we had a nice stir fry with braised tofu and sprouted brown rice. Kombucha on the side. 

Sunday we woke up to homegrown strawberries from my Father-in-law's yard. Yum! 

Then we headed to the Farmer's Market before the weather got gross again. The girls enjoyed "pickles on a stick" and some stevia sweetened mango lemonade. 

I brought home some organic arugula and beegan/paleo chocolate chip cookies. 

For lunch, I made a arugula salad (with the fresh arugula), tomatoes, micro greens, kraut, mustard, olives and Hilary's mesquite veggie bites. 

The rain kept us in most of the day. We hung out in Little A's playhouse and then did some arts and crafts. For dinner, we kept it simple with sweet potatoes, baked potatoes and veggie dogs. I used Yeah Dawg (made with gluten free flour, veggies and seeds), on a gluten free bun with kraut, mustard and relish. 


Have a lovely Monday! I hope to get a few posts up this week. I've been working on some good ones, but they need their finishing touches! xo

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