June School Lunches and Kid Food

June 28, 2017

Hi! After asking on Instagram, it seems a lot of you like our school lunches posts! That being said, I can still share since Little A will have lunch at camp once a week and the girls are always eating. So while there may not be many "school lunch" types of pictures, I will have lots of kid meals! Here is June's school lunches and kid food! 


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Tofurky, Chao cheese and hummus on organic oat bread (side note, Little A doesn't always do well with "fake meat", it seems to bother her stomach so I am cutting way back. If she wants a "hotdog" or "chick'n" here and there, that's fine. But we are aiming for more whole plantbased foods over these). She also has Made Good granola bites, cherries and grapes, more grapes and water. 

Black beans and rice, a Made Good bar and carrots and celery with water. 

An Amy's gluten free vegan burrito, carrots, apples and water. 

Same sandwich as the first, cherries, grapes, lettuce, water and a Made Good Vanilla Square. If you haven't noticed, we love the Made Good company for their healthy snacks that contain veggies and are organic and school safe!

Smoothie bowls for breakfast topped with raisins and Purely Elizabeth granola. 

Two chick'n parties, a Made Good Vanilla square, lettuce, apples and grapes. 

Organic pasta with tomato sauce, cucumbers with Real Salt, apples, water and Annie's chocolate cereal. 

Same pasta, Simple Mills cookies (another company we are big fans of! Their stuff is made with seeds and almond flour with few ingredients and no junk!), lettuce, apples and water. 

Little S' dinner: quinoa blend, chickpeas with a Hilary's Veggie Bite, sweet potato, kale and tomatoes. 

Same pasta, cucumber with Real Salt, Simple Mills cookies, water, grapes and apples.

Acai bowls for the 3 of us (me and the girls) before Little A's recital. 

Pasta with tomato sauce, Simple Mills cookies, apples, water and cucumbers with Real Salt. 

Same pasta, a Gogo Squeez, garlic stuffed olives, a Simple Mills chocolate muffin, cherries and grapes. 

Graduation Day! Rice and beans, apples, Coconut Water and a Simple Mills chocolate muffin.

Pasta with tomato sauce, cucumbers with Real Salt, apples, water and two Dandy Marshmallows. 

Field Roast hotdog, cherries, apples and MySuperSnack Cookies (another great brand we love! And when you use their hashtag "pack a lunch", they donate a meal to a child in need). 

Vegan soft serve with rainbow sprinkles from Cookman Creamery. 

Last day! Grilled "cheese" made with nut cheese and whole grain bread, MySuperFoods cookies, apples and water. 

First day of Summer break lunch: Field Roast hotdogs, lettuce and baked beans.

Little S had half a Field Roast hot dog, cucumbers with Real Salt (they shared those) and strawberries. 



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