A Tour of My Yard

June 12, 2017

Hi! Happy Monday! This past weekend went by so fast! We had Little A's recital and rehearsal the day before. Today it's in the 90's, so Little S and I are relaxing inside. We played outside earlier and watered the garden and I got a few shots of my favorite spots that I wanted to share. 

This little guy greets me everyday at the gate. (and if you are wondering about the pink pine needles, those are from our pink Christmas tree we had this year). 

My herbs all lined up along with our garden snail: chives, basil, more basil and mint. 

Side view of the garden! 

Front view. 

Fresh lavender growing along side the garden. 

Big mulberry bush that has been here for many years. 

Raspberry bush that belongs to Little A. She planted and takes care of it for the past two years. It grows like a weed though!

Blueberry bushes. 

Gorgeous roses on the side of our shed. 

Fig tree! This has also been here since before we moved in. 

Sitting area with seats for the girls. 

Fairy garden, bird houses and a bird bath. This is my favorite spot. The girls have their own little touches all over our yard. That's what makes it so special. Our yard isn't very big, but it's charming and makes me so happy. I honestly wouldn't trade it for anything bigger. It's perfect in every way! 


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