Father's Day Gift Guide

June 14, 2017

I am so late on this, sorry! I really wanted to share my favorite gift ideas for Father's Day, but time got away from me! I'm still going to share in hopes that maybe you still need a gift and want to use speedy delivery! ;)


Wood Sunglasses/Watch: I got T wood sunglasses from Woodzee for Christmas and he loves them! They are eco-friendly, and even have polarized lenses. Wood watches are also really hot right now! We actually got my father-in-law one for Christmas. 


Bulletproof Coffee: I don't drink coffee, but T does! I have heard this is the best quality, upgraded, healthier coffee. I am sure if I drank coffee, it would be this one!


A Healthy Gift Basket: This idea is great for the Dad who likes to keep it healthy. This site has so many options from Gluten Free to Sugar Free (diabetic Dad, anyone?).

NYR Natural Men's Products (consultant link): I bought these for T a few weeks back. NYR is all natural, organic and quality! Our products smell amazing and the Men's line is no different. 



Solid Cologne: T wanted solids cologne. Apparently, it's all the rage. I found a (mostly) natural one on Amazon. This was the best I could do, but it does contain fragrance. 


Dive Bar Tshirt of the Month Club: This one is for the younger Dad's. I thought this was a fun idea that a friend told me about around Christmas time. You get a shirt every month from a bar across the US.  


Craft Beer of The Month Club: This is another fun one for the guy who likes a quality beer. 



*This post was in no way sponsored and I was not given money or products to promote. All ideas are based on my opinions and ideas. 

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