Real Life vs. Mom Life

June 23, 2017

I've been taking mental notes lately of all the times I try my best, do something good or check a chore off my list and how nothing is ever how it seems because Mom Life always creeps in. Enjoy! 

Real Life: Cleans house from top to bottom.
Mom Life: House is a mess 5 minutes later.

Real Life: Makes delicious healthy dinner.
Mom Life: Stands while eating said dinner and or eats with child on lap.

Real Life: Spends a ton of money on groceries for the week.
Mom Life: Groceries all eaten by the time the week starts.

Real Life: Gets to sleep at decent hour, rolls on sleepy essential oils and body butter.
Mom Life: Awakened 3x with nursing child and 2x by older child who wants to be in your bed.

Real Life: Gets car cleaned and feels such a sense of relief and organization.
Mom Life: Dried fruit, crackers and Shopkins all over car by next car ride.

Real Life: Gets child to nap so I can finally have lunch.
Mom Life: Child wakes from creaking steps and ends up (again) on lap while eating lunch.

Real Life: Puts children in adorable matching outfits and hopes they don't get anything on themselves.
Mom Life: Younger kid poops pants and older one gets nail polish on herself, her dresser, her arms and feet.

Real Life: Everyone is up early so we will have so much time to get ready, eat and even read a book.
Mom Life: Late again.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't trade Mom Life for the world! ;)  

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