Donuts and Date Night

June 26, 2017

I'd say the title sums up my highlights from the weekend! Friday we said goodbye to kindergarten and hello to Summer!

Saturday we took a trip to the shore to visit family and we stopped at a donut shop that has a huge selection of vegan and gluten free donuts!! So good and so needed! I have been craving donuts randomly for awhile now. These hit the spot!

While we were down there, we took advantage of all the babysitters around and headed out for a date night. We are trying to have them at least once a month now. It is so nice to spend time away together. :) 

The restaurant we went to had so many clearly marked vegan options, not bit many that were also gluten free. They also had a strict "no modifications" policy. What a bummer!! T enjoyed a vegan pizza that was topped with cashew ricotta, broccoli rabe and tomato sauce. He said it was "out of this world!"

Since they were such sticklers about the modification thing (all I asked for was no cheese on the risotto), I ended up with two sides. Broccoli rabe and chickpeas with olives. Both delicious. But I like to get an actual meal when I go out. Also, I rarely drink but on date night I will enjoy wine or a cocktail. I had a cucumber martini which was delicious! 

The girls stayed with my sister and ended up stealing all the raspberries from their raspberry bush! Ha ha!

Little A had a birthday party on Sunday, which meant I came home starving! T whipped up this little appy for me: gluten free bread with roasted garlic, vegan cashew parm and roasted peppers. Yum! 

And for dinner I had a Yeah Dawg and some grilled eggplant. I just love eggplant on the grill! 



Have a lovely Monday! xo

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