Brewing Sun Tea

June 29, 2017


Sun Tea

Have you ever made Sun Tea? I remember my Mom making it when I was little and I was always so intrigued, as if it was some kind of potion brewing in the sun. Nowadays, I make it almost weekly in the Summer. T loves it and so do the girls and I. I feel like Tea that has been cooked in the sun's energy is just so much better and nourishing. As if we are drinking the sun's rays.

I always get asked about how to make it when I post a picture. I honestly thought everyone knew how simple it was but I guess not! So today I'm sharing how to make Sun Tea!

I like to use Nettle Tea. I usually buy a pound bag of Frontier Organic Nettles on Amazon and then I use a nut milk bag and add about a cup of them to that and brew that in the water. You can also use about 5-7 Tea bags. Lately, I've been using NYR's Summer Tea (consultant link). I add the bags, cover with filtered water, squeeze half a lemon in and then slice the other half and add that then I cover and let it bake in the hot sun for a few hours. Towards the end, I add in fresh mint from my yard and cover again for an hour or so. I like to put it out first thing in the morning (8/9 AM), and then bring it in by 1pm. That way it gets cold in the fridge for when T gets gone. You can remove the Tea bag (or nut milk bag) and sweeten each cup however you like. We like Stevia or raw honey. You can use maple syrup or agave as well.


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