Post Sun Beauty Essentials

July 7, 2017


Whether after a day at the pool or a day at the beach, I always make sure to use these beauty essentials to keep my skin, lips and hair happy. The pool is full of chlorine (yuck, but sometimes we can't help this) and the salty air at the beach always leaves me hair and skin in need of attention. Long days spent in the sun (with sunblock after 15 min, because vitamin d!), not only contributes to aging skin but also dries my already normally dryer skin. 


After I finally get the chance to shower, I spritz my shampooed and conditioned hair with Shea Moisture Hold and Shine mist. This prevents any frizz. If I have time, I will keep it in a towel after spraying until it's almost dry to really soak it in. 

I use my Frankincense toner


After that, I use my NYR Wild Rose Beauty Balm on my face. This helps restore smoothness and radiance to my skin. My skin always looks amazing when I put this on at night. It actually feels healing to me. 


Organic Chapstick is a must for sun kisses lips. I wear this on the beach too. 


I like to spritz my body with this "Coal Miner's Daughter" Live By The Sea mist that I got in a Goddess Provisions Box. This has a lovely scent and contains Rose Water which is soothing on the skin. 


I rub coconut oil on my whole body to help any inflammation from sunburn. This also makes my skin feel nice after being in chlorine or salt water. 


My Busy Bee hand balm goes on my hands all day long but especially after being in the sun. This softens and conditions any dry skin. The sand, salt water, chlorine all dry my skin out. This helps me feel less leathery too! 



Happy Sunny Days! xo


***All products mentioned are my personal choices. I was not paid for this post. I am a NYR consultant, but I truly love their products.




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