4th of July Weekend and The American Girl Doll Store

July 5, 2017

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! I know it's Wednesday, but it feels like a Monday! We have been busy since Saturday so I'll get to it!

4th of July outfit for the 2nd of July! Haha!

On Saturday, we went to the farmer's market for some Soul Bowls (a new vegan bowl truck that parks there on Saturday's). These are so good! 

While I was there I grabbed some vegan gluten free goodies! They didn't have an organic produce stand so I didn't buy any veggies. 

T made us pizza for dinner! With Kite Hill Ricotta on a brown rice crust with tomatoes, olives, vegan parm and spinach. 

On Sunday we headed into NYC bright and early! This was at Rockefeller Center. 

St. Patrick's Cathedral. 

The reason for our visit was to take Little A to the American Girl Store. She had been saving her money for a doll and the rest we gave her as a "graduation" gift. 

Happy girl with her new doll, who has freckles, just like her!



The store was adorable. Her and I could of walked around all day! But the prices? Ouch! 

After that we headed over to St. Patrick's to light a candle. 

Such a beautiful church. 

We came home to two baby deer asleep on our lawn!

How sweet!

T had gotten a gift card to a local restaurant so we planned another date night! The restaurant was nice, the food was just okay. I had this grain bowl that they put together for me. I am not picky when I'm in a non-vegan restaurant. Whatever they can make me, that's vegan and gluten free, I'll take! 

On Monday, I took the girls down to my parents house to go to the beach. They have a beach club membership so we go when we can. Little A loves walking up to the pool with her Pop. 

Little S loved the kiddie bowl and the ocean!

I had Trader Joe's tofu spring rolls on the beach. I brought a small thing of Coconut Aminos for dipping. 

The girls and I shared a Liberty kombucha. 

I also had a huge salad with vegan ranch and a veggie burger from The Kitchen Witch in Monmouth Beach. 

Until next time, beach! 

I made a stir fry that was a hit for dinner! Tofu and broccoli cooked in Coconut Aminos over rice. 

Finally, it was the Fourth of July!

Unfortunately, I had to go to the mall to have my phone fixed. While there I had some Potatopia for lunch which is basically Chipotle with potatoes! Mine had vegan chili, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes and scallions on mashed steamed red potatoes. 

Dinner was a feast! Grilled eggplant, asparagus and a baked potato with a Yeah Dawg and Hilary's Burger both on gluten free buns. 

Finally time for fireworks! And no tears!

Little S held her ears, then pointed to her stroller and said "bye-bye" but then was amazed at the colors! 

Hope you had a lovely Fourth! ❤️💙

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