July Kid Food

August 9, 2017

Another late post! Kid food for July also took a back seat to other posts this month! I don't have much to share either with Little A being out of school, but she takes a lunch one day a week so I figured I'd show you that plus other things they've been eating this month.

Little A's camp lunch: rice and beans, garlic stuffed olives, lettuce and a Made Good granola bar.

Lunch snack: quinoa and rice cakes, grapes and water.

Smoothie bowl breakfast for both girls topped with raisins, sprouted granola and Love Grown cereal.

S'more made with Theo chocolate, gluten free graham crackers and Dandy Marshmallows. 

Little S eating her tofu! 

Camp lunch: rice and beans, lettuce, a Made Good granola bar, pretzels and water. 

Little S enjoying her vegan gluten free pizza (homemade on a Trader Joe's crust). 

Smoothie bowls topped with Stevia chocolate syrup! For breakfast one morning. All ingredients on my Instagram page (@LaurenGinger). 

Ice pop before dinner! I just blended pitaya and coconut water and added to these cool sleeves I found at Whole Foods. 

Smoothie bowls for breakfast!

Acai bowls after Little A's cheerleading camp show! 



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