We Love The Library

August 11, 2017

I don't remember visiting the town library much as a child, and I really wasn't a fan of library day at school. I mostly picked up animal books to look at the pictures and I didn't develop a love for reading and writing until after high school. This has made me into a library mom!

Little S' first library visit this past Winter


I really wish I had the love for learning as I do now. Little A sure does and I hope Little S will too. Little A's teacher said on her report card that she is "passionate student with a thirst for learning". This was not the case for me as a child and it truly makes me happy. 

Little A around 2.5 picking out books!


Ever since Little A was around 18 months, I started taking her to the library. Mostly for storytime, to pick out books, do puzzles and play. Now she gets to pick books that she can actually read to me! What a fun turn around! She usually leaves with 10-15 books and we usually go back to return them before they are due and end up leaving with a whole new set.

Little A around 20 months old in the library


Now that Little A reads on her own, we sit down for 20 minutes (at least) a day and she reads to Little S and I. I just love the fact that she is reading to her sister so Little S can develop her own love for reading. Did you know that children who read or are read to for 20 minutes a day read 1,800,000 words per year on average and score in the 90th percentile on standard tests? Awesome!

Before starting preschool when she was 3!



Our favorite series are:

(Mostly "Step into Reading" and "I Can Read" books). 


Piggie and Elephant


Fancy Nancy



Do you visit your local library? 

Little S at storytime this past Spring

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