Happy Birth on Earth Day, Little S!

July 17, 2017

I am late with this post today. I really wanted to post something in honor of Little S' birthday, but I didn't get the time to really think and put the words down. We just got done with her birthday party (that post to come later this week), another magical day for our family. It was a wirlwind of course and now that I lay nursing my 2 year old, the emotions and words are flowing. 


My monkey, Munchkin, sunshine. Little girl with big plans. Born a "reishi baby" (Google it! It's a thing!), developed into a wild, curious, energetic ball of joy and love. I call her my monkey because she doesn't stop! She went from being the most easy going, relaxed baby who was always so alert and curious to a bundle of sunshine who bounces from one thing to the next with the biggest eyes of curiosity and light. A sparkle that she has had since our eyes first met. Her personality brought a new element to our family. Her hugs are infectious and she shares them freely. She makes us laugh with her antics and definitely tests everything I have inside. An old soul with an excitement for life. Already wanting to learn about everything she comes across.  Determined but soft. Loveable and affectionate. Two going on 18! Another year older and I love learning more and more about her within each minute. 


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