My Latest Obsession: Matcha Green Tea Lattes

July 28, 2017

I wouldn't say green tea lattes are a new thing in my life. I use to drink the ones from Starbucks about 10 years ago (when I quite coffee), almost daily. I still enjoy one from Starbucks (or Whole Foods) as a treat every now and then but I really enjoy the ritual of making them at home. 


I recently became an ambassador for Epic Matcha. Their Matcha is culinary grade, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, organic and non-gmo. The flavor is so lovely and sweet and it really helps with my mid day energy. I love enjoying a cup as a ritual once Little S goes down for her nap. I like to use a special whisk a friend sent me, stevia and almond milk or a vegan barista blend for the ultimate latte. 


Matcha Green Tea is 10x more potent and has 137x more EGCGs than regular green tea. Plus more antioxidants then any superfoods. Matcha is also said to boost energy, burn calories and to be anti-aging. My favorite thing about Matcha is that it supplies slow energy over time. Unlike coffee which gives you a boost right away and then you crash, Matcha slowly gives you energy over a few hours so there is no jittery high or crash. 


Interested in trying my favorite Matcha? Please use my affiliate link for your Epic Matcha needs! :)



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