Birthday Party, Family Reunion and The Asbury Vegan Pop-Pop

July 24, 2017

This was a busy weekend! We had lots of family fun!

On Saturday, we had my niece's second birthday party. My sis-in-law always has lots of vegan gluten free options for us (she is gluten free herself). This veggie pizza was so good!

And how fun that these Elmo cookies were also vegan and gluten free! The girls loved that!

Little S having fun before deciding to just go in with her dress on! LOL!

Little A learning to play pool! 

Next up was Sunday, T got me a green tea almond milk latte from Whole Foods.

After that, we headed to Asbury Park for the vegan pop-up! 

The boardwalk is super fun!

We basically walked around the event once and walked out. The lines were out of control and it was hard to even walk. So wonderful that so many people are interested in eating vegan, but so not cool for those that spent money only to walk right out! Next time we will be the first people there. Not all was lost though, we ended up getting vegan ice cream for the girls, right on the boardwalk.

Little A wasn't complaining!


The cool sites of Asbury!

Showing of my favorite vegan Gunas purse!

After that, we headed to my family reunion. 

The party was at a local camp at the shore so the girls had fun even though we didn't stay long!

When we got home, T whipped up dinner so I could go grab some groceries. Quinoa pasta with basil, onions, peas and garden tomatoes. YUM!

Lucky me, I ended the weekend with these Hail Merry Almond Butter Cups, which to my surprise were exactly like the tarts but smaller. I was expected more of a peanut butter cup feel, but still delicious. 



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