What A Daily Menu Looks Like for High Energy Days

August 7, 2017



With Summer break I have been going non-stop! I have Little A in a few different camps, plus swim lessons, plus keeping up with Summer reading, the pool, the beach, family time, parties! Phew! I an also keeping up with my daily workouts during all of this! I have to say, I have some great energy. I really love saying that it's my diet because I am 100% positive that that's the only reason I can run circles around most parents! Today I wanted to share what a typical high energy day looks like for me (diet wise and activity wise). 



7:00 am: Wake up and nurse Little S in bed for 15 minutes. Wash my face, brush my teeth, get my workout clothes on. 


7:30 am: Go downstairs, start breakfast. At this time I have a cup of warm lemon water with turmeric and cayenne pepper


8:00 am: Feed the girls, make myself a smoothie: Sunwarrior Warrior Blend, bananas, almond milk, wild blueberries, chia seeds and green powder. 


9:00 am: Pack up Little A's bag for camp, drop her off. 


9:30 am: Nurse Little S on the couch while watching Sesame Street. 


10 am: Set up Little S with toys and a snack so I can workout. Then I do Shaun T week on the BeachBody app. I've been following this workout week for a few weeks now and I love it. I am noticing a difference! 


10:30 am: Nurse Little S and play with her. At this point we usually go outside to play and I water the garden. 

Garden helper eating green tomatoes. (Eye roll)


11 am: Now I have my snack! Usually a bar of sorts because they are filling, nutrient dense and keep me going until lunch. If I know I will be having an earlier lunch, I will have some fruit but most of the time, by the time Little S goes down for a nap and I get ready, my lunch comes later around 1:30ish. My favorite are Lara Bars, Square Bars and Organic Macro Bars. I shower and get ready now too. 

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11:45am: Pick up Little A at camp. 


12 pm: Make the girls and myself lunch. For lunch I usually have a salad with lots of goodies added (olives, kraut, veggie burger etc.) or a smoothie bowl with nut butter, dried fruit, bananas, fresh fruit and granola. 

Typical salad lunch 

Typical smoothie bowl lunch. 


1 pm: Drop Little A back off at camp. 


1:15 pm: Nurse Little S until she falls asleep. 


Between her falling asleep and 3:45 pm(depending on how long she sleeps): I clean up, take out what I need for dinner, fill the Berkey water filter, laundry and blog. I also have a cup of Green Matcha Tea (Epic Matcha brand , affiliate link) with almond milk and Stevia. This is my "me time" during the day. 


3:45 pm: Pick up Little A at camp, rush home so she can get changed to be at swim by 4. 


4pm-4:30pm: Swim lessons


4:45 pm: Make dinner. Usually when she has swim I make something quick and easy so I am not cooking all night. We will have a pasta dish or a quick veggie tofu stir fry 

Pasta and veggie dinner. 

Bok choy stir fry with tofu and back and tan rice. 


5:30 pm: Eat dinner and clean up. I always have some dark chocolate after dinner. 


6 pm: Take a walk, bike ride or play outside with the girls and T. 

Bike ride view. 


7 pm: Showers and bed for the girls! I get ready for bed. 


8:30pm: Snuggles with T! 


10pm: Bedtime!


I drink a ton of water throughout the day too!

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