August Favorites

September 22, 2017

Sorry I'm so late on last month's favorites (again). I hope you enjoy! 

Love this Revive Kombucha. The Boogie Down flavor reminds me beer and cola. 

A local Italian deli started offering gluten free wraps with their sandwiches. This was like music to my ears. Now I can enjoy my favorite broccoli rabe wraps again!

Shisito peppers have become T and my obsession this Summer. We had them almost every weekend during August. Now they are out of season! :(

We hit up many local farm stands during August. So fun to enjoy fresh local veggies!

These bars from Enjoy Life Foods were a hit around here! I blogged a review about them here. 

Seeing bee's in my garden was very rare this Summer. I think because someone on my block used a company for mosquito spraying! This was so upsetting and my garden suffered. So when I saw bee's, it made me so happy!

These activity books we took with us to Ithaca. They kept the girls busy during the ride there and back and in restaurants! 

I got this ring at a flea market and I have worn it every day since! I can't remember the stone but it is super pretty. I'm obsessed!

If you follow my Instagram (@LaurenGinger), you know we've been obsessed with Acai Bowls from The Juice House. We have them numerous times each week. So good!

And finally, loooove that Red Mango carries this vegan "fro-no". It's so delicious and with only a few ingredients!


See you soon for my September favorites! 

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