Review: Enjoy Life baked Chewy Bars

August 25, 2017


The people at Enjoy Life were kind enough to send me 3 boxes of their new Baked Chewy Bars to try. I love that their products are free of the top 8 allergens, are gluten free, non gmo and vegan! These snack bars are right up our alley because we are always looking for healthy snacks for ourselves and the girls. Plus, bars are great for on the go snacks and to keep in my purse for emergency, keep Little S happy snacks. 


I was most excited to try the Caramel Blondie flavor and lucky for me, it was the first box Little S ripped open! As soon as I opened the wrapper, the smell of caramel cookie floated through the air! I double checked that they were vegan (hard to find vegan caramel flavored stuff), and they were indead. Little S took the first bite and then automatically wanted me to open one for myself because she wasn't sharing. Oh my lord, these were good! And a major hit. This box was the first to be finished. The texture on these bars was a little messy (lots of crumbs from a toddler), but they were soft and cookie like. 


Next we tried the Carrot Cake flavor. This was good as well, but not our favorite. We liked the sweet carrot taste which did remind me of other carrot cake cookie type of products I have had in the past. Still good, but the Caramel was so good that it was hard to compare. 


Lastly, the Lemon Blueberry Poppy Seed. Little A wasn't a fan of this one, but Little S loves it! She's actually eating one as I type this! This one has a nice lemon flavor but I couldn't taste the blueberry so much. It definitely tastes like every lemon poppy seed cookie I've ever had which was delicious! Just don't get it for the blueberry part. 


Overall, we really liked these bars. I would definitely purchase the Caramel flavored one over any other because that one was a hit for the whole house. 


Thank you Enjoy Life for sending these! All opinions are my own! 

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