Family Summer Road Trip: Ithaca, NY (Part One)

August 29, 2017

Hi! This past weekend we took a family trip to Ithaca, NY. It all started two weeks ago when T and I were talking about a Summer getaway. We wanted to do so on a budget and we didn't want to be in the car too long with the girls. We thought New York would be a great place and we started searching areas that were kid friendly, vegan friendly and filled with nature. We decided in an AirBnB in Ithaca. 

We started our 3 hour ride at 6:30am on Friday morning. The girls were amazing! Little S slept most of the time and Little A played with her activity books. I had some gluten free Muesli from Seven Sundays for breakfast. The girls had Vigilant Eats oats. 

The car views were gorgeous. But nothing like what we were about to see!

Later on, I had a Square Bar to hold me over until lunch. 

We were so delighted with our Airbnb. It was cozy, charming, very kid friendly, clean and full of natural light. The girls wanted to pose among the flowers in front. 

After we got settled, we were off for some adventures. We quickly discovered that everything was very close by to where we were staying. Like under a mile!! We checked out Downtown Ithaca first and stopped in Green Star Market where I picked up a Roots Beer Kevita (which was amazing!). 

Downtown Ithaca. 

Little A enjoying the culture. 

Fun decor! 

Here are more goodies I got at Green Star Market. 

I also had a rice paper veggie wrap that I grabbed at Green Star for lunch. 

Off to our first hike! Buttermilk Falls! This was flights and flights of steps until we reached the top of the waterfall. 

The air was crisp and clean and the sites were breathtaking. 

Such beauty all around! 

We took off our shoes to feel the cold water from the waterfall. 



After that exhausting hike, we were starving! We went to Taste of Thai Express for dinner (a recommendation from a friend). They use organic tofu and had lots of vegan options. I had the yellow curry and it was so good! Felt good to be nourished after the vigorous workout we just had. 

The girls kept busy by coloring. They shared a broccoli, tofu and noodle dish. 

After that, we still had room for ice cream! We found a place called Purity that carried a few vegan options. I had the mint chip on a gluten free cone! Score! 

The girls both had cookie dough. They were so excited! 

Later on, we decided to take a ride when we came across this amazing waterfall! Ithaca Falls! 

Perfect time for a family photo! Little A rockin' her new shirt we got her in the local Wegmans! 

Stunning! Pictures don't do it justice!

The perfect photo! 

Walking back to the car in awe. 


Part two coming soon!

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