Family Summer Road Trip: Ithaca, NY (Part Two)

September 1, 2017

Hi! Welcome to part two of my Ithaca vacation posts! This is the final post! I hope you all enjoy! 

We woke up Saturday morning and grabbed breakfast at Ithaca Bakery. They had a ton of vegan options including tofu scrambles and vegan cream cheese for bagels. Nothing gluten free though, so I had a fruit smoothie made with almond milk. 

After that, we headed to the Ithaca Farmer's Market which was a cool little set up under a roof and right on the water. 

Shopping with my girls! Lots of organic produce and vegan food options! 

The view out back. 

I had an organic vegan rice pudding made with coconut milk.  We ended up sharing this. Yum! 

I also had a samosa made with a rice paper wrap. 

We also came across "healthy" cotton candy! This was made with just maple syrup! It was so good and a nice treat for the girls. Little A is always wanting to try cotton candy! 

After that, we headed to Taughannock Falls and what a site it was!! 

We started at the overlook. 

Then walked our way down to view from the bottom. The sites along the way were stunning.  


We shared some trail mix for the long hike. 

Then we found the bottom! Wow! So breathtaking!

Such a beautiful energy here too. 

After that we headed on a little road trip to Watkins Glen State Park. 

More gorgeous Falls! This time we had to hike up steps again. I have to admit, I prefer the falls without steps! Lol

Stopping for photos in front of sites. 



This was also one of the more busy sites we visited. There were tons of people here. 

Silly Little S! 

Playful Little A. 

Such clean air here too! Felt amazing. 

Are you exhausted yet? Haha! After that we rested for a little at our AirBnB but then it was off to Moosewood Restaurant for dinner. 

Moosewood is a vegetarian restaurant with lots of vegan options. They even have a cook book! I started with a salad with tahini dressing. The girls had pasta, a side of fruit and tofu. T had vegan enchiladas which he said were delicious. 

I had their ratatouille with polenta croutons. This was so flavorful! 

Little A doesn't look impressed but she was just playing! 


After that, the girls played a little at the playground in the middle of downtown Ithaca. 


Hot air balloon on our way back! 

Mountain views. 

Sunday morning we woke up, had breakfast and headed home. I had fruit that T picked up for me at Wegmans. The car ride back wasn't too bad. I had to climb back and nurse Little S (her in her car seat still, me seatbelted in the middle). We are already looking forward to our next adventure!! ;) 

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