Review: Relaxx FootStool (Start Pooping Right!)

September 13, 2017

Today I'm bringing you a post on poop! Yup, I want you to poop properly! ;)


Let's rewind a little... Some of my newer readers may not know but I suffered with Ulcerative Colitis for 8 long years before having surgery that saved my life. I am not shy at all when it comes to the topic of eliminating and for the past few month, my family and I have changed the way we go. 

The company Relaxx was kind enough to send me their Relaxx footstool – a sleek and easily adjustable bamboo toilet stool. This comes with two different stools for each foot. They are easy to fold up when not in use, are light and adjustable and great to pack for travel. I seriously can't go to the bathroom without them and I don't have to! I can fold them up and put them under my sink when not using and I can bring them for when I stay at my parents house. Relaxx has 3 adjustable positions depending on your height and your toilet height. I found that most toilet stools are one size but they don't fit all!


So why a footstool? From Relaxx:


"Everyone is born with a muscle that controls a kink in our colon - the puborectalis. This muscle acts as a 'valve', restricting elimination and preventing incontinence.

Luckily the valve closes when we sit on a chair. Unluckily it is still closed when sitting on the toilet - causing blockage and other diseases.


Only in the squat posture does the valve open, allowing the colon to empty easily.
Relaxx footstools help you get into the perfect squatting position easier than ever!"  


As someone with a j-pouch, I don't have trouble "going" but I have also been told never to strain and I find I never need to since using this stool. I feel like I am fully "going" each time I go.   


At first the stool felt different, in a good way. Once I got use to it, I really couldn't go without it.  


Thanks to Relaxx for sending me their Footstool for this post.  


You can purchase your footstool on their site here:  


*I was given a Relaxx Footstool for this post. All opinions are my own.  


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