Family Roadtrip: Woodstock, NY

September 5, 2017

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend and a great Labor Day (if you are in the US). We took a special roadtrip yesterday to Woodstock, NY. Yes, the Woodstock where the legendary festival was held years ago. We actually had no idea that it was only 2 hours away from us. We hoped in the car early morning and cruised all the way their while Little S slept and Little A kept busy. 

Welcome to Woodstock! 


First we spotted a flea market happening. We decided to walk through to see what unique stuff we could find. Little A spotted a stand with these gorgeous handmade wands. The lady who made them was totally hitting all the right notes with Little A. She basically thought Little A was a sparkly fairy unicorn and she is right! Little A left with a new wand!

We walked and hit up many little stores and boutiques. I was using Instastories to film inside most places but I didn't get many pictures. One spot we went into was called "Sharkies" and they had all different types of meatballs. Including these Chickpea and Sundried tomato vegan gluten free ones with tomato sauce and vegan parm! These were so amazing! One of the best things I've eaten in awhile! T agreed and the girls loved as well. 

The outside of a cool looking store. Many stores looked this way. 

Photo op in front of the record store. 

Walked across a small bridge to more stores. 

Lots of hippie looking, charming, eclectic shops! 

The girls and I in front of an abandoned house. 

Pretty window!


Town decor. 

Inside Modern Mythology, a beautiful crystal, new age shop. The girls were in awe. 

T and the girls taking a little break. 

Wishing well!

We finally came across Garden Cafe. An all vegan organic restaurant. 

We got our food to go and ate it on the way out of town. I had the Macro Bowl with Tofu. 

One final stop was the health food store on the outskirts of town. One kombucha please!

And of course, some cacao goodies! ;)



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