September Kid Food and The Return of School Lunches!

October 5, 2017

Hi! School is back in session and so are school lunches! Little A doesn’t have a cafeteria at school but they do have different food they order each day for the kids (if you pay). They have pasta, pizza, sandwiches and bagel day. We have opted out and are sending our own lunches again! 


First, I want to say all her lunches consist of a water (not pictured), a snack for snack time and a drink for “juice break”. So it looks like a lot but it’s spread out for 3 times a day. 

First day of school: alphabet pasta with tomato sauce, apples, organic Newman O’s and a kale salad. 

Rice and beans, apples, a Made Good granola bar and lettuce. For those wondering, I get the reusable bags on Amazon, they are Bumkins Baby. 

Pasta with sauce, apples, lettuce and a Lara Bar. 

Tofu filled ravioli, an organic apple juice, lupine beans and olives stuffed with garlic and a Gogo Squeeze. 

This was pasta with tomato sauce, Romaine lettuce, a chocolate coconut milk, apples, and a granola bar.

Tofu filled ravioli’s, and apple and banana sauce, Romaine lettuce, a granola bar, and coconut chocolate milk.

Spaghetti with tomato sauce, a granola bar, Coconut chocolate milk, apples and Romaine lettuce.

Spaghetti with tomato sauce, a granola bar, lettuce, garlic filled olives and a chocolate coconut milk.

Baked tofu and hummus on organic Italian bread, non-GMO pretzels, a chocolate coconut milk, apples and lettuce.

Seems sandwich, garlic stuffed olives, lettuce, apples, chocolate coconut milk and a Lara bar.

Banana whip with chocolate chips from our town festival.

A berry smoothie from The Conscious Fork in Warwick, New York.

Daiya mac & cheese, carrots, apples, chocolate coconut milk and some pumpkin spice Dandy marshmallows and Unreal vegan quinoa chocolate. 

Daiya Mac & cheese, superfood cookies, apples and a chocolate coconut milk.

Tofu filled raviolis, superfood cookies, apples and a chocolate coconut milk.

Tofu filled raviolis, a granola bar, garlic stuffed olives, apples and a chocolate coconut milk.

Rice and beans, lettuce, apples, pretzels and a chocolate coconut milk.

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