Weekend Road Trip: Warwick, NY

September 25, 2017

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! We've been enjoying our little adventures to different spots in New York State. We love all the nature and beautiful sites up there and the 1 and a half hour car ride isn't so bad because of the scenery. 

On our way, we had to stop and check out this gorgeous spot: Monksville Dam. Little A was convinced that mermaids lived here and if we put our feet in the water that we would turn into mermaids too! 

Gorgeous view!

Just the kind of therapy I need! 

Once we got to Warwick, we headed to The Conscious Fork for lunch. This is an all vegan restaurant and I recently discovered that there is one near me! Little A had to have a Mermaid Smoothie which was kale, blueberries, almond milk and bananas. 

The girls also shared a grilled cheese and brown rice, black bean and avocado bowl. 

Having a little picnic on a bench across the street from The Conscious Fork. 

I had a bowl that had brown rice, tofu, kale and carrots. It was stuffed to the brim and so good!

Next we drove around stopping at different sites. 

Beauty was all around! 

Finally, we stopped at Pennings Farm. This place was full of fun! They had a cider mill, farm store, little food stands outside, farm and apple picking. We couldn't resist the fresh cut gourmet fries that they made right in front of us. We even watched them cut the potatoes! We also had homemade, on tap seltzer that tasted like fresh cucumber juice! So good!


More adventures to come! ;)

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