Taste Testing for The Herd Juicery and A Giveaway

September 29, 2017

Hi! This past weekend, I was super honored to be invited to The Herd Juicery for a little taste testing with two other vegan bloggers: Megan (@Mbreakenridge) and Cherise (@VeganinNJ). 

The Herd Juicery is all vegan and gluten free and is located at 80 Brighton Avenue in Long Branch, NJ. Lucky for me, this is very close to where my entire family lives. So this wasn't my first time eating there. 


A small walk-in spot, just a block from the beach, The Herd Juicery is filled with great energy (with a Buddha statue and crystals to boot!). Not only is the small space colorful and high vibe, but the owner, Jonathan is very nice, personable and a vegan himself! 

We started off with a glass of Fine Health Kombucha which they carry bottled and on tap. I  also want to mention that besides small bites, they have a full list of smoothies and juices and gorgeous smoothie bowls (Blue Majik is used a make for a beautiful color). 

While enjoying our Kombucha, we started with two kinds of avocado toast: "The Standard" which was avocado, lemon, salt pepper and sesame seeds and "The Deluxe" which was avocado, beet hummus, cashew ranch, lemon, salt and cayenne. Both were served on Bread Alone gluten free bread. 

These were so good! I was so happy I hadn't eaten since lunch because it was dinner time and I was ready to eat! The cashew ranch and the beet hummus were unreal. Not your average avocado toast! I could eat this daily! 

Pretty toast! 

Next we tried two soups. First was a quinoa chili. This was full of flavor and super filling! I could totally have this for a lunch or dinner and feel completely satisfied. 

We also tried a Coconut Curry that was made with a butternut squash base and coconut milk. There were also chickpeas in this which made for a great mouth feel. I totally need something to bite into when I'm having soup, so this was perfect! Full of flavor too. So good!

Soups and Toast

Next was by far my favorite thing I tried: The Buffalo Tempeh Sandwich. 

Served on Bread Alone Gluten Free bread with avocado, spring mix and cashew ranch, this was unreal! The Buffalo Tempeh was the perfect amount of flavor and spice and the avocado and ranch balanced it out perfectly. I am still thinking about this and when I go back, this is what I'm getting for sure!! 

We all chatted for a bit and then took a selfie before parting ways. It was so nice to hang with a bunch of like minded people!

Before we left, we all took a brownie to go. For the ride home, I couldn't resist! This chocolate goodness was the perfect sweet treat after a delicious tasting! 


Now for the giveaway! Go to my Instagram page (@LaurenGinger) to see how you can win a $20 gift card to The Herd Juicery! 


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