Weekend Roadtrip: Sleepy Hollow, NY

October 2, 2017

Hi! This weekend we took another Roadtrip, this time to Sleepy Hollow, NY! While we didn’t see any headless horsemen (except for on the street signs), we did see some beautiful sites! 

We’ve been loving spending our Saturdays traveling to New York because there are so many gorgeous spots and most are only an hour or so away. 

We arrived! Matching leggings and all! Target kids section for me! 

First stop was the Farmer’s Market were we got some goodies to bring back to Nj (pic of that to come!). 

This was a nice path next to the market. 

So pretty and right next to the market. 

Next, we headed to Philipse Manor. Little A found the first rock she could to do Tree Pose on. 

This place was gorgeous! Right on the Hudson River, it was a boardwalk but as you walked, it was a huge field with trees and nature. There was playground there too. 



Family photo op! 

Once we reached the little beach, we stood in awe. 

The girls found lots of sea glass and shells 

Then we reached the lighthouse! How gorgeous is that?!

We walked right up to it (with 50 mph winds!). 

T got this shot of me enjoying the view but also holding my hair so it wasn’t blowing all over my face! Lol!

Walking back from our epic adventure! This is what life is all about! 

We stopped for lunch at a vegan restaurant called Good Choice Kitchen. They had lots of choices, Mountain Rose Herb teas and flavored Mountain Valley Spring Water. This was perfect for us!  We took our food to go and found this spot on the Hudson. I had a bowl with polenta, Bok Choy and edamame. T had a bowl with noodles and tempeh and the girls had soba noodles with an almond butter sauce and almond butter and jelly on sourdough bread. 

So that was this weekend’s family adventure and here are the goodies I got at the Farmer’s Market. 



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