Pumpkin Picking and NJ VegFest

October 9, 2017

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend!

On Saturday, we decided to go pumpkin picking! But first we stopped at Basil Bandwagon for lunch where I had falafel on a gluten-free wrap.

When we got to the pumpkin patch, we first decided to do the corn maze.


The girls really enjoyed finding on the stamps we had to find to show that we hit all the spots in the corn maze. 

Then it was time for pumpkins!

Finding the perfect pumpkin is never easy with two kids!

They finally settled on two. One for each of them!

On Sunday, we headed to the NJ Veg Fest! I was so excited, because I got to take over the vegan pregnancy and parenting account on Instagram! This year they rented out the Meadowlands Expo Center which meant a lot more vendors and a lot more space! I will say this year was definitely a homerun! They were so much food and so many great stands to see! 

Vegan gluten free donut? Don’t mind if I do! This was from MoPweeze Bakery. 

Little S seemed to love it as well! 

Nitro Kombucha on tap! This was a first for me. It was so smooth! I had their seasonal peach flavor. 

Funny story about this.. Just this past weekend, Little A watched Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and of course she asked me if there was a vegan Wonka Bar. Well, the VegFest answered our question! She was very excited! 

Proud girl with her no fur sticker!

Little S had a sample of kale salad and really wanted a bowl. She just about ate the whole thing!

The girls shared a banana whip with chocolate chips from Fresh Press Juice Co. 

T had Marty’s V Burger which he said was delicious! 

I, of course, had a Yeah Dawg! They had gluten free buns which was new!

We all shared a Soul Bowl. So good! 

We brought home these mini apple pies from Mundel. Omg, so good! The perfect end to a perfect weekend! 



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