Family Roadtrip: New Paltz, New York

October 16, 2017

Hi! This weekend we took our Roadtrip to New Paltz, NY. An hour and a half ride for some yummy food and lovely scenery. Apparently, being vegan in New Paltz is easy! We found many options (even a hotdog cart with vegan hot dogs and gluten free buns. We passed it up since we’d just eaten lunch but will stop next time!). 

We also discovered the mother-ship, Lagusta’s Luscious vegan chocolate shop! I have been a fan of their goodies since first bite at the New York City Vegetarian Food Festival. Their French macaroons were the first (and only) French macaroons I’ve ever tasted! It was so fun to bring the girls here were they could eat everything! We brought home a bunch of goodies.. More on that later..

After that, we found Karma Road Cafe, an all vegan cafe! This was a cozy spot with sandwiches, salads and smoothies and a deli case with all different options. We sat outside and the girls shared a peanut butter chocolate smoothie. 

They also shared a peanut butter, banana and jelly sandwich while T had the TLT and I had baked tofu with pesto on a gluten free wrap. They gave use the most amazing coleslaw on the side which had kale and dill in it and was made with Veganaise. 

When we were done eating, we took to the streets to check out the shops. We found a cool spot with crystals and a fun antique barn. 

We walked “The Rail Trail” which is 22 miles of a bike path with beautiful views. We only walked about 10 minutes of it. Haha! 

I didn’t get any great shots of the scenery but it didn’t disappoint as New York State never does! 

Once we were home, we broke out our sweets from Lagusta Luscious! Two peanut butter macaroons, a Peanut Caramel chocolate bar (tastes like a Snickers), the Autumn Bar and a salted chocolate caramel apple. The girls ate the cookies before dinner (bad Mom! ;) and I tried the Peanut Caramel Bar and after dinner we each had a piece of the apple. 

We saved half for tonight! Can’t wait! ;)



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