Having a Vegan Halloween

October 27, 2017



Every year around this time, I get asked what I do with my children for Halloween. Last year I shared a post about The Switch Witch, which we will be doing again this year. But I thought I give you guys some more ideas of things you can do. 

1. Let them eat only the vegan candy they get. Did you know that Smarties, Swedish Fish, Airheads, Skittles and Jolly Ranchers are all vegan? And there are many more too! Personally I don’t let my kids consume dyes if they don’t have to. But this is a great choice for those with older kids who want to do with their friends are doing.

2. There is also “healthy candy”. That totally sounds like an oxymoron, but brands like Theo, Justin’s, Unreal, and Surf Sweet (and more), make organic vegan versions that are colored with vegetable “dyes”. There has been times that Little A has asked for candy she sees others eating, and I’ve gotten her healthier versions.

She’s had gummy bears, gummy worms, lollipops, peanut butter cups, “M&Ms”, many dark chocolates, jellybeans and bubblegum filled lollipops. All organic and without dyes.  


3. Trick-or-treat at family and friends houses only. We used to do this every year when Little A was younger. My family and friends would always provide her with healthy vegan treats or little toys and trinkets on Halloween. They always offer to get stuff they know she can eat, but I made sure to offer to bring it for them to give them too. So they do feel like he had to go out of their way. 


4. Have a party at home! You can have a Halloween party where your kids dress up in their costumes and hand out candy to all the kids they come to the door. You can make spooky Halloween food and treats that you all can enjoy. 

5. The Teal Pumpkin Project. There is a new idea that has become popular in the past few years. Houses that are participating hand out allergy free candy or trinkets and toys. They put a blue pumpkin in front of their house so anybody with allergies knows that they can safely trick-or-treat at this house. Most likely they will have vegan options. There is even a website where you can see what houses in your area are participating.



Most importantly, have fun! Kids mostly care about the costumes and running house to house, put your own spin on it! Make it a fun day for everyone! 


I hope you enjoyed some pictures of Halloween throughout the years. :)


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